Natural Eco Friendly Paint and Wood Oils by Biofa

Natural Eco Friendly Paint

Biofa Natural Eco Friendly Paint and Wood Treatment Oils

GreenSteps is the UK importer for the full range of Biofa Natural Eco Friendly Paint and Wood Oils. For the last 30 years, Biofa in Germany has been producing paints and wood treatment oils from naturally derived ingredients. The range causes no harm to human health or the environment and has very low embodied energy.

Biofa Natural Eco Friendly Paint and Wood Oils can be purchased directly from GreenSteps for any size of project. Paint colours can be chosen from the NCS or RAL colour ranges and we also offer a colour matching service to match samples of old painted walls or colour swatches.

If you suffer from allergies, asthma or are otherwise sensitive to synthetic chemicals, the Biofa range of Natural eco friendly paint and wood treatment oils is the perfect choice. If you have young children and you want to protect them from exposure to harmful chemicals in your home, the Biofa product range is the correct choice. Designed by Mr Hahn, founder of Biofa, to protect his own family from the unknown cocktail of chemicals in ordinary paints and wood treatments, the Biofa natural eco friendly paint and wood oils range’s primary reason for existence is to prevent any harm to human health.

Biofa products are highly breathable (vapour permeable), meaning they are suitable for the renovation of old buildings and will allow old walls to breathe, preventing the build up of damp which occurs behind ordinary synthetic plastic paints. Naturally derived ingredients are chosen wherever possible and harmful synthetic chemicals are eliminated.

Information about the full range and how to buy them can be found at

Products in the Biofa range include:

  • Internal and external wall paints
  • Wood enamel paints
  • Wood stains and varnishes
  • Wood preservative oils
  • Furniture, worktop, wood floor and other wood oils
  • Wood maintenance products